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Der ideale Oberflächenschutz gegen multiresistente Keime, von unabhängigen Instituten getestet und dermatologisch mit „sehr gut“ bewertet. Für zuhause oder zur Desinfektion öffentlicher Bereiche. Erfahren Sie mehr.

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Kreissparkasse Kusel

When the corona incidence values fell again for the first time in months in February 2021, Kreissparkasse Kusel took the opportunity to expand its own hygiene concept once again. With the BactoAttaQ® Coating Team, a suitable long-term solution was found at short notice. In just one weekend, all essential rooms and contact points of the head office in Kusel were coated antimicrobially. This meant that by the start of the week nothing stood in the way of regular business operations. Since then, BactoAttaQ® has provided the ideal additional protection, especially for the highly frequented visitor rooms, service counters and ATMs, to offer customers, guests and employees the best possible protection against infection, even beyond regular cleaning and disinfection.

Kreissparkasse Kusel
Kreissparkasse Kusel - Headquarters, Gartenstraße 4, 66869 Kusel

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  • As we have a very high customer traffic, the use of BactoAttaQ is indispensable to me

    Carsten C.

    Barrique Weinbar Merzig (Owner)

  • For me, BactoAttaQ is so special because it gives us a whole year of protection. It makes our work easier and is very time-saving.

    Adelina A.

    A&A hair salon Dillingen (Owner)

  • We have a hygiene plan [...] but also between cleaning cycles it is important to have optimal protection. With BactoAttaQ we have continuous protection for 1 year.

    Prof. Dr. Kurscheid

    Praxis Prof. Dr. Kurscheid

  • I can highly recommend BactoAttaQ to my colleagues because I have now seen in practical applications what benefits the product has. Great that there is such a product.

    E. Pusic

    Gusto Steakhouse (Owner)



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