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Der ideale Oberflächenschutz gegen multiresistente Keime, von unabhängigen Instituten getestet und dermatologisch mit „sehr gut“ bewertet. Für zuhause oder zur Desinfektion öffentlicher Bereiche. Erfahren Sie mehr.

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BactoAttaQ® Coating Team

Your professional coating team

With the BactoAttaQ® Coating Team, we offer you a unique room disinfection concept. Have your private and commercial premises coated with our long-lasting surface protection

BactoAttaQ®. Thanks to qualified employees and certified partners, we can help you immediately and
without complications to coat your premises antimicrobially and to ensure optimal
protection for you, your employees and your customers.

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1x Auftragen - 365 Tage Schutz

Under the direction of our state-approved disinfector, the experienced BactoAttaQ® Coating Team is at your side to carry out the coating measures with BactoAttaQ® in your company. Depending on the order size, the coating can be carried out in just a few hours. Considering the 6-hour curing time of the BactoAttaQ® surface coating, it is possible to carry out the coating measures in the evening. This ensures that the ongoing operations of your company are not disrupted.

The BacotAttaQ® Coating Team has already collected extensive references in a wide variety of commercial sectors as well as in public institutions. The self-disinfecting surface protection is already being used in office complexes, banks, schools and restaurants.


The antimicrobial coating is carried out by the BactoAttaQ® Coating Team in 2 steps.

     Step 1: The surface is pre-treated with BactoAttaQ® Phase 1 (Cleaner & Primer), the first part of our innovative and unique coating. Using special equipment, the coating can be applied across the board, so that protection against smear infections can be increased.

     Step 2: In the final step, phase 2, the so-called activator, is applied. The prepared surfaces are evenly coated so that BactoAttaQ® can fully develop its effectiveness. After a 6-hour curing time, the treated surfaces can be used again. The antimicrobial and self-disinfecting effectiveness is activated and lasts for over a year.

Depending on the degree of soiling, textile surfaces can usually be coated in just one step.

Use biocidal products with caution. Always read the label and product information before use.

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